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Making an appearance @ RailsConf
  1. Try IronRuby

    Ruby console in the browser, with a tutorial to follow along with

  2. Watch

    Shows off vector graphics rendering of a ticking watch

Testing the plugin

I swear, there's specs too ...

  1. render :partial => "foo.rb"

    Scaffold on model, using Ruby. Rendering a simple ruby partial which displays to HTML.

  2. render :partial => "clock.xaml"

    Simple example of loading XAML as a partial.

  3. render :partial => "clock.xaml.erb"

    Running a XAML partial through ERb first, just like rhtml

  4. render :partial => "clock.rb"

    Simple example of loading a Ruby partial, which in tern displays a XAML partial, and then the Ruby code runs against it.

  5. client :foo

    Running Rails controllers on the client